This journey started in the year 2000 when one of the present directors of BRUNIAL was invited by a government minister to source finance and technical partners to retrofit an ageing petroleum refinery in West Africa.

It was a very challenging experience to convince international investors and lenders to invest in the refinery project due largely to perceived political instability and widespread corruption in the region. These investors and lenders demanded a clear 'entry and exit' strategy before they would consider investing in the region. A group made up of five people, leaders in their various fields, was assembled in London, United Kingdom to develop ways of funding projects and trade in these 'difficult to finance' markets. This led to the formation of Brunswick International Associates Limited (BRUNIAL) in London in early 2004 principally to devise innovative ways of financing trade and projects in these otherwise unattractive markets with huge return on investments albeit with high risk.

Much time and effort have been spent on devising 'safe entry and exit' strategies for international investors and lenders intent on entering these markets. In addition to developing safe entry and exit strategies for international investors and lenders, the management of BRUNIAL has approved trade and equity investment portfolio for these markets. This underlines the strong belief the management of BRUNIAL has in these markets. BRUNIAL has also put together a network of international investors and lenders willing to lend to these markets once the borrowers in these markets meet their criteria with recommendation from BRUNIAL.

We have also adapted 'Captive Finance Company' (CFC) model first used by General Motors Inc in Detroit, USA, to tap into the capital markets of ECOWAS to raise finance to fund real estate projects worth US$50 million and above.

The Management team of BRUNIAL includes 4 Europeans, 2 Asian and 1 African with a combined Finance and Engineering experience of  94 years